How Do Maggots Turn Into Flies?

Maggots are the larva of house flies.
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There are few things that make people as squeamish as the sight of white maggots crawling around. Maggots are often found trash cans where there is foul-smelling waste, and moisture. What few people fail to realize is that the common flies they see and hear buzzing around, and the white maggots that make their stomachs turn, are actually the same insect at different stages of their life cycle.

    Two flies mate and one drops eggs, typically around garbage cans where there is foul-smelling waste and moisture. Flies also commonly lay eggs on dead animals.

    The eggs hatch in less than a day, typically between about eight and 20 hours.

    Small, white maggots emerge from the eggs and set about eating as much as they can.

    The maggots move away from their food source and find a moist spot. They enter the pupa stage, which is similar to a cocoon.

    Adult flies emerge from the cocoons.

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