How Soon Do Male Deer Grow Antlers?

Buck fawns get their first set of antlers around 10 months of age.
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Bucks of all ages receive new antlers after shedding the old each year. Antlers grow from pedicels, which are small bumps that are covered with hair at the front of the head.

First Set of Antlers

The pedicels that young male fawns grow at a couple months of age are not antlers. Young deer grow their first set of true antlers the first spring after they are born, at 10 to 12 months of age.

New Growth

A deer’s antlers begin growing during March and April and reach full growth by August or September. They grow as much as 1/2 an inch a day. While the antlers grow, they can break easily.

Size of Antlers

A buck’s antlers continue to grow each year that the deer lives. Its first antlers can have three points, while the following year they will have as many as seven. A deer will not receive its full potential in antler size until they are at least 4 years of age.

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