How to Astrologically Determine the Best Day to Take an Exam

Checking the ephemeris for the moon sign may be advantageous when scheduling an exam.
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The art of prediction in astrology is an ancient one that involves the casting of more than one chart, and precise times and places. To predict for an individual requires birth chart rectification. But in general, when taking an exam, to do your best, several astrological conditions might be taken into consideration. Consulting your ephemeris so that you can tell what signs the sun and moon and Mercury are in, or whether the moon is void-of-course, or that Mercury is direct or retrograde can help to set the schedule.

    Consult your ephemeris in the Mercury column to see if there is an “R” for retrograde preceding the date you want to take the exam. Mercury goes retrograde several times per year for a few weeks, when it appears that the planet is moving backwards in the sky. It’s an optical illusion, but it affects us, nonetheless. Mercury is the messenger, ruling our intellect and our ability to analyze, plan and communicate. Be aware that during the time that Mercury is retrograde, our thoughts are not forward and progressive, but reflective. People become preoccupied with things that have happened and how to solve past conflicts rather than creating solutions to present challenges. Be concerned that your words may be misconstrued. Look for a date that falls after the “D” (for direct) in the ephemeris to take an exam during a time when Mercury is direct.

    Look at the bottom of the ephemeris page or consult an Internet table to see when the moon is void-of-course. The period can range from a minute to all day. Subtract or add the time zone difference from Greenwich England. The times when the moon is about to change signs, after it has made its last angle to the sun or another planet, which happens a dozen times each month, is when it is considered to be in a void-of-course pattern. Things do not work out as intended during a void-of-course moon. Expect that thoughts wander, distraction exists and activities that have been started do not resolve favorably.

    Select a date by looking at the signs of the sun, moon and Mercury, if there is a possibility that you can choose the month during which you want to take your exam. The moon transits through all the signs of the zodiac every month. The times the moon is traveling through signs that initiate mental activity would be the best times to schedule an exam. Those signs include Gemini for retaining information and communicating it, Virgo for details, Scorpio for looking deeply at the topics, and Capricorn for taking things systematically. If the test is multiple choice, the moon or Mercury in Libra might lead you to believe that more than one choice is correct. Aquarius has a good capacity for science. Sagittarius is good for essays. Pisces will scatter thoughts, while Leo will show off what you know. Taurus is a sign that is ruled by Venus, so unless you love your subject material, your mind may wander to more pleasant things. Leo urges people to show off what they know, and Aries directs people to get it done quickly.

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