How to Build a Battlebot

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Things You'll Need

  • BattleBot design
  • BattleBot armor material
  • Batteries
  • BattleBot construction rules
  • Chassis
  • Drive train
  • Motors
  • Radio controller
  • Speed controller
  • BattleBot weapons
  • Various electronic parts and building materials

How to Build a Battlebot. You can build a BattleBot that reflects your creativity and sense of style. It requires an investment of time and money, and while you can get a basic design online, the final product must be original. Here's how to go about it.

    Start by reading the rules. Make a list of what is restricted and follow it closely.

    Select your weight class. If you are new to building BattleBots, choose a lightweight or middleweight class. The price of building a BattleBot increases with the weight class.

    Choose your power source. First-time builders should use electrical power since it is the easiest and most reliable power source available.

    Think of your BattleBot as a tank going into a 3-minute war. Provide armor for your BattleBot that is lightweight but strong and protective, such as titanium. Aluminum is another choice. While it is softer than both steel and titanium, it won't spark during a match if weapons hit it. This armor provides a shell for your BattleBot as it goes into the match.

    Select batteries for your BattleBot. You are going to want to squeeze as much power juice into your BattleBot for a 3-minute match as you possibly can. These batteries must be quickly recharged during the downtime between fights, which could be as little as 20 minutes.

    Assemble all the parts of the BattleBot onto a chassis. Your chassis must be strong, durable and relatively lightweight. Your chassis holds all of your BattleBot's pieces together.

    Install a drive train. Remember that if your drive train breaks, you have a dead BattleBot in the ring. Choose something that will be bulletproof.

    Choose a motor for your BattleBot. Do not skimp on your motors as they are the most important part of your BattleBots. Get the largest one with the most power for your weight class. First-time builders should choose gear drive motors since the drive train is already prepared for you and ready to go.

    Select the radio controller for your BattleBot. This is the brain of your BattleBot. Make sure you choose a radio controller that adheres to the rules for building a BattleBot.

    Choose a speed controller. These are expensive and sensitive parts for your BattleBot. Purchase a speed controller that is rated for both the motors and batteries you are using. Use fuses between the speed controller and the motors and batteries to avoid shorting the speed controller during use.

    Decide what weapons you plan to put on your BattleBot. You have a variety of weapons to choose from such as hammers, saws, spinners, wedges and others. Weigh the pros and cons of the weapons you choose. Each weapon presents its own unique quality and limitations to the design. Choose weapons that spark or have other effects during a battle. Judges give points for sparks and noise.

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