How to Build Machine Learning Algorithms in Python

Python for AI
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Last year, an AI known as AlphaGo defeated the world’s number one ranking Go player. This was made possible by a machine learning model that learns to understand trends and patterns in data and, in this case, Go moves. Machine learning has its uses outside of fun and games; it can be applied to just about any field, and you can learn how to apply your own machine learning models with this Python Machine Learning ebook, which is currently on sale for $10.

This resource consists of 454 pages of content, which will teach you how to build machine learning algorithms in Python to generate useful data insights. You’ll learn how to apply different machine learning approaches to different data analysis questions, as well as create code to optimize the strength of machine learning algorithms. You’ll eventually use your newly minted skills to embed machine learning models into web applications.

The Python Machine Learning guide costs $32.99, but you can get it on sale today for $10, saving nearly 70% off the usual price.

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