How to Calculate Slope Using the TI-83 Plus

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TI calculators are manufactured by Texas Instruments. The TI-83 Plus is a calculator with graphing functions and scientific calculator abilities, and is allowed for use on many standardized exams. Finding the slope of a line is just one of many functions that the TI-83 Plus calculator can perform, and it can be easily accomplished using the proper keystrokes.

    Press "STAT" on the calculator keypad and hit "Enter." This will take you to the "STAT" edit screen.

    Clear the data that is in the L1 and L2 spaces. Clear data by selecting it with the arrow key and pressing the "CLEAR" button.

    Enter two coordinate points into L1 and L2. You enter your equation's "x-values" into the L1 column and the "y-values" into the L2 columns. For example, if your problem has two coordinate points of (1, -5) and (-3, 6), then your L1 column would have the numbers 1 and -3, while your L2 column would have 6 and -5.

    Press the "STAT" button again. This will take you back to the "STAT" screen.

    Highlight and select "CALC" by moving your cursor with the arrow keys.

    Scroll down and select the "LinReg(ax+b)" function.

    Press the "Enter" key. This will calculate the slope of the line, using the coordinates you entered in Step 3.

    Find the slope of the line by looking for the "a=" value. This value is your slope.

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