How to Control Land Pollution

Recycling is one way to control land pollution.
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Land pollution is a great concern for many parts of the world. The Earth's surface is contaminated by industrial waste, soil pollution caused by pesticides, and decomposable waste such as glass, cloth, plastic, paper, and metal. The control of land pollution is necessary in order to save the Earth from degradation. There are many things each individual can do to prevent this form happening.

    Recycling reduces pollution.
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    Recycle to help control land pollution. Items such as aluminum cans, paper, glass bottles, and objects made of plastic can be recycled and reused to make new products. When you purchase products, look for the recycling label on them.

    Dispose of chemicals properly.
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    Follow instructions carefully when using pesticides and chemicals to prevent air, soil, or water pollution. When disposing of pesticides or chemicals, do not put them down household drains.

    Use trash containers with tightly fitting lids.
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    Dispose of litter in the appropriate way. Use trash containers that have tightly fitted lids. Call your local disposal department for details about how to dispose of hazardous materials such as medical waste.

    Prevent livestock from coming into contact with contaminated water.
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    Prevent livestock from coming in contact with drainage ditches, streams, and creeks. Collect and dispose of wastes for your livestock to prevent water supply contamination.

    Pump your septic tank every few years.
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    Pump your septic tank at least every three years, which will help control groundwater pollution.

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