How to Convert KPS to PSI

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Kilopascals, or thousands of pascals, is represented by kPa; pounds per square inch is psi. Both are measures of pressure, so one can be converted to the other. Pascals are the metric system unit for pressure, psi is the Imperial unit, and may be more familiar to Americans. Bicycle tire pressure or barometric pressure are examples of numbers commonly expressed in kPa; those more familiar with the Imperial system might choose to convert these numbers to psi. The process of conversion is simple.

    Write down the number of kilopascals. For example, 12.5 kPa.

    Multiply the number from Step 1 by 0.14504. In our example, 12.5 x 0.14504.

    Write down the result. The product represents our original number converted to pounds per square inch. In our example, this is 1.813 psi.


    • To convert psi to kPa, multiply by 6.8947.


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