How to Get Free CDL Training

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Free CDL training might sound too good to be true, considering that truck driving schools can cost upwards of $8,000 in tuition- a hefty chunk of change to get your license. However, with the right research and a cautious eye for the fine print of contracts, it is possible to find free CDL training. Here's how.

    Search for a trucking school that will give you free CDL training in exchange for your working for them upon program completion. There are many schools that host free CDL training; the first step is locating one that works for you.

    Ask to read the free CDL training contract. Look for clauses that indicate how long you must work for them, and whether or not there are any penalties for leaving early, or in the event that you fail the CDL test.

    Complete the free truck driving training.

    Carry out the contracted length of employment agreed upon in exchange for the free CDL training. Keep in mind that many new truck drivers have trouble finding a new job; guaranteed, contracted employment is not always a bad thing.

    Find other loopholes that make trucking school free. A few of many of these opportunities are truck driving grants, veteran status, or sponsorship from a trucking company.

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