How to Help a Child Memorize Multiplication Tables

Children have to know multiplication facts to be successful in math throughout school.
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Learning and memorizing multiplication tables is a crucial skill for children to master. Without proficient knowledge of these facts, students will may struggle when trying to calculate more complex multiplication, division and algebraic problems. Most children begin learning multiplication facts in second grade and continue through the third grade until they learn facts for numbers 0-12. When teaching math, use a variety of activities to help your students memorize tables so they will be able to recall them easily.

    Recite multiplication facts each day. It's a traditional, but effective way to improve rote memorization. Have the class or individual say the facts for the number you are currently teaching. Then call on volunteers to recite facts for numbers already covered.

    Play games in the classroom to help students remember multiplication tables. For example, play "Around the World", a fast-paced drill in which kids stand and give answers to facts that the teacher calls or holds out on cards. They continue standing until they give an incorrect answer.

    Get children to work together in small groups. Have them call out facts to each other or make their own flashcards on construction paper.

    Utilize the Internet to reinforce multiplication tables. A Plus Math is an educational math site with an interactive review. Children type answers to problems and get immediate feedback on their results.

    Use music and rhymes to help kids remember multiplication facts. Songs for has lyrics available with catchy rhymes that you can print. You can listen to some of the tunes for free or teach kids the words using tunes already familiar to them.

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