How to Make a .5 Solution of Sodium Bicarbonate

Things You'll Need

  • Balance
  • 250 ml volumetric flask
  • Glass rod
  • Small spatula


  • Prevent spilling and inaccuracy by pouring the solution along the length of the stirring rod instead of directly into the flask. This helps prevent splatters as well.

Sodium bicarbonate is a derivative of sodium carbonate, also known as baking soda. The bicarbonate version of this salt is used in a variety of applications according to, including cooking, cleaning and even touted as a natural treatment for cancer. Making a 0.5 or .5 Molar solution of sodium bicarbonate is actually quite simple, as long as proper chemistry is followed. The solution's concentration is determined by its molecular weight in relation to the solution's overall mass. Therefore, a 0.5 Molar solution can be derived in various quantities, however in this particular example we will make 250 ml of .5 sodium bicarbonate solution.

    Determine the amount of sodium bicarbonate required by filling in this formula: (desired concentration * molecular weight * desired final volume)/1000 ml = Amount of compound needed to dissolve in water. In this case, the desired concentration is 0.5, the molecular weight of sodium bicarbonate is 40 g, and the desired final volume is 250 ml. The formula would look like this: 0.5_(40 g)_(250 ml)/(1000 ml) = 5g

    Weigh approximately 5 g of sodium bicarbonate with the balance and put into the beaker.

    Add deionized water down the side of the beaker and swirl to mix the contents.

    Stir using a glass rod to dissolve the solid completely.

    Transfer the solution into the volumetric flask and make up to the mark on the volumetric flask with deionized water. Shake the flask thoroughly to mix the contents.

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