How to Prevent Animal Extinction

How to Prevent Animal Extinction. There are many contributing factors to the extinction of an entire species of animals. Excessive hunting, environmental degradation and property development on animal sanctuaries cause the extinction of animals. You need to use the power of the media and your commitment to protecting animals in order to prevent animal extinction.

    Coordinate funds with your neighbors and fellow concerned citizens to take out an ad in your local newspaper. A half-page ad in your Sunday newspaper speaking about the threat of animal extinction will increase the public's exposure to this issue.

    Design a website devoted entirely to the potential extinction of an animal species. This site should provide an online presence for your cause and offer a central organizing point for concerned citizens around the world.

    Partner with advocacy groups at a local university to promote ways to prevent animal extinction in the community. The enthusiasm of college advocates can be harnessed under the umbrella of preventing animal extinction.

    Send donations to funds and foundations devoted to the protection of animals from mass extinction. It is important to conduct research on how donations are used to find a wildlife fund with a good track record.

    Share your concern over animal extinction with the public through regular letters to the editor. Your letters should be sent to your community's daily newspapers as well as alternative papers and weekly publications in neighboring communities.

    Organize public protests outside government offices, zoos and other facilities to bring the problem of animal extinction to light. Your protest should be peaceful and each person should carry brochures about ways to stop animal extinction.

    Join the effort to stop animal extinction by volunteering with a local wildlife foundation. These foundations need volunteers to work on educational displays, fundraising campaigns and public events.

    Mobilize your friends, family and fellow conservationists to write letters to government officials on a regular basis. You should give everyone a contact list of state and federal officials who have the power to protect endangered animals.

    Conserve resources and live a green lifestyle as part of your effort to prevent animal extinction. The simple acts of recycling bottles and using public transportation can decrease the need to destroy habitats for additional natural resources.


    • Speak with a representative of the United States Department of State to prevent animal extinction in foreign countries. The State Department uses diplomatic channels to pressure foreign countries on issues like wildlife management. You should organize other concerned citizens to speak to the State Department on a weekly basis.

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