How to Save Notes on a TI-83 Plus

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Remembering all the formulas and rules in advanced math classes isn't an easy task, but it is essential if you want to succeed. If you have trouble with formulas or concepts, make a note of it on your TI-83 Plus calculator and save it for later. When you use your calculator to do homework or study, open your notes and quickly remind yourself of the information without having to search through a textbook.

    Turn on the calculator, then press the "Prgm" button on the keypad.

    Press the right arrow key to select the "New" menu, then press "1" to select "Create New."

    Type a name for the program you are creating. Each letter is printed above a key on the calculator. Press the associated key to type the letter on the screen. For example, press the "Math" key to type the letter "A." Press "Enter" to submit the name.

    Type your notes. By default, the alpha-lock feature is not enabled. Therefore, you must press "Alpha" and the key associated with the letter to type the letter. If you want to type a long string of letters, press "2nd," then "Alpha" to enable alpha-lock. Now when you press a key, the letter associated with the key is automatically typed instead of the number.

    Press "2nd," then "Mode" to save the notes and return to the main screen.


    • You can open the program and review your notes by pressing "Prgm," then selecting the "Edit" menu and selecting your program.

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