How to Simplify a Square Root on a TI-84 Calculator

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If you've ever used a graphing calculator for advanced mathematical problems, chances are you've used a Texas Instruments calculator. These calculators are standard equipment if you need to perform advanced math equations on a regular basis. The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator allows you to edit or add programs to the calculator. This greatly increases the functionality and efficiency you can get out of your TI-84: it features a program for nearly every function, and they are quick and easy to install.

    Install the TI-Graph Link cable linking software onto your PC or Mac.

    Find the program you'd like to add to your TI-84, and load it onto your computer. It will usually be in a zip file format.

    Unzip the program file using unzipping software (such as WinZip).

    Connect your TI-84 to your computer using a connectivity cable. These usually connect via the USB slot.

    Drag and drop the program files onto your calculator's mounted drive, named "TI-84."

    Disconnect your TI-84 from your computer. The program should now be loaded onto your calculator.

    Things You'll Need

    • TI Connectivity cable
    • TI-Graph Link cable linking software
    • Mac or PC


    • You can purchase both the cable and software necessary to download program onto your calculator from Texas Instruments, if they were not included with the calculator itself. You can also download the software you need off the Internet.

      You can find programs to add to your TI-84 from many sites online.

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