How to Store & Access Equations on a TI-83 Plus

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One of the best features of the TI-83 Plus calculator is the ability to store and recall equations from the calculator and not from memory. The TI-83 Plus can store long, complex equations like a template for future use. When you pull up the equation, the only thing you need to enter is the new variables. For professionals who use the same large equations day after day with new data this is especially helpful for time management. Equations are stored and accessed through the "program" function on Texas Instruments calculators.

    Press the PRGM key. You can locate this key at the third row of the calculator in the third column.

    Press the NEW button on the next screen and hit Enter.

    Enter a Program name in text. You will use this name as a reference to find your equation in the future. Press Enter when you are done naming your program.

    Begin and end every equation created using the program function with quotation marks. This will signify the start and finish of equations to the calculator. Once you have completed your equation check over it to make sure that it is correct.

    Press the Quit button to get back to the Home screen.

    Press PRGM to find your equation again. There should be a list of named equations that you have entered. Scroll to the name of the equation you want and hit the Enter button to access it once more.


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