How to Use TI 36X Logarithms

The TI-36X is a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. The TI-36X can perform a wide range of functions, one of which is calculating logarithms. The TI-36X has four logarithm functions: log, 10x, ln and ex. The "log" function calculates the common logarithm of a number; the "10x" function raises 10 to the power of your choosing; the "ln" function calculates the logarithm of a number to the base e; and the "ex" function raises e to the power of your choosing.

    Turn the TI-36X on by pressing the "ON" button.

    Press "2nd" and then press "LOG" to display a list of all of the logarithmic functions.

    Select your logarithmic function and enter the number to perform the function with. For example, if you wish to raise 10 to the power of three, you would select "LOG" from the logarithmic functions menu and then enter "3."

    Complete the expression by pressing ")." Press enter to calculate your logarithmic function.

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