How to Write a Summary on a Science Project

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After completing a science project, it is important to write a report summarizing the project's goals and results. It describes the procedure followed and also tabulates the data and diagrams. A science project is meant to show whether the project was successful or not and also recommends further work that can be done related to the project. A science project summary should help others understand the project.

    Write the title and contents of the summary. Normally the contents lists the abstract, introduction, experiments, data, diagrams, graphs, results and conclusion.

    Write the abstract and introduction of the project. The abstract should be short and should not be more than one or two paragraphs. It should explain the aim of the project and the results expected. The introduction should give background information on the project. It should explain the different phenomenon observed and the technology used.

    Summarize the experiment procedure followed. It should be detailed and include diagrams to support the procedure whenever possible.

    List the data used in the project. For example, in a project involving the spectrometer, tabulate the angles used in the spectrometer and also angles that were obtained from the experiment.

    Explain the results that were obtained from the project. Describe if they matched your expectations or not. If the desired results were not obtained, explain how and why the results are different.

    Write a conclusion listing the results and how this project could be extended for further research.

    Conclude the summary by listing your references and acknowledgments.

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