Ideas for School Projects on Insects

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Each learning year for your child brings new challenges both educationally and creatively. Finding the right science project can be a difficult task, but when the subject area's focal point is insects, the difficulty level may rise. Always take into consideration the age and learning level of your child when assisting them in selecting a topic.

The Locals

Identifying the insects native to your local area can be used as a science project for students from first to 12th grade. For example, some areas have a multitude of beetles. Other areas may be a mecca for flies or even mosquitoes. If you live in a region with very few bugs, your student may select to focus on insects that live in trees, on the ground, in water or even those that fly or do not fly. Taking photos of the insects, or having the bugs alive in small jars or display boxes, can add a personal touch to this type of project.

The Food Chain

Different types of insects eat other insects while others eat greenery or trash. With a bit of research, students can make an actual food chain with this information. They will need a starting point, or "insect zero," and can create a flow chart. The displays for this idea can range from simple pyramids to elaborate webs created with pictures and labels. Demonstrate the results with live bugs and their choice of food. Note that watching one insect eat the other may not be pleasant to the casual observer.

The Race is On

For a fun project, a student can consider answering the question "Who is Faster"? In the insect world, much time is spent escaping predators. The faster insect is less likely to get eaten. By constructing a small observatory divided in half, the student can demonstrate the difference in speed between various live insects they either collect or purchase. A simple graph of the "race winners" can be used as a background set-up for your project.