How to Increase the Power of a Magnet

Refrigerator magnets can lose their strength over time.
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Many commercially available products are dependent upon small magnets to work. Examples include earrings and refrigerator magnets. If the strength of the magnets diminishes, these can become obsolete. However, there are simple ways that the strength of a magnet can be increased. These techniques do not require advanced equipment or scientific knowledge. Using these techniques it will be possible to increase the power of a given magnet, and mean that magnet-based products will become usable again.

    Take the magnet which has lost its power and stroke it with the stronger magnet. Linear strokes in a single direction will realign the electrons within the magnet, which will help its strength to increase. Stroke the magnet for around 15 minutes, and check to see if the strength has returned. If not, continue to stroke the weaker magnet with the stronger one for a longer period of time.

    Place the magnet in the freezer once you have realigned it. This will not increase its power, but rather prevent its decline, since the electrons have less energy to move within the magnet, and lose their alignment. Keeping jewelry in a freezer can prolong any magnetic properties it has.

    Stroke the magnet with the more powerful magnet before you need to use it. This will help to replenish the strength, although if it is still not up to the required standard, it may have to be replaced. Magnets can be made cheaply, and replacing a small magnet will not cost a great deal of money.

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