Information on the Exide GC135 Battery

Exide makes everything from automobile batteries to motorcycle batteries.
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Exide Technologies manufactures an extensive line of batteries for use in automobiles, construction equipment, boats, forklifts and other equipment. They are one of the largest lead-acid battery manufacturers on the planet.


The Exide GC 135 model battery is a 6-volt, deep cycle, lead-acid fuel cell. Deep cycle batteries are designed for nearly complete regular discharges, unlike most other car batteries, which are designed for only partial regular discharges.


This specific 6-volt battery employs vertical stud terminals to which to connect wires. Wires are tightened to this battery’s terminals with wing nuts. Amp hour rating refers to a deep cycle battery’s storage capacity. This battery offers a 20-hour amp hour rating of 226.


Exide’s GC 135 6-volt battery is designed to a length of 10.33 inches, according to EBatteriesToGo. This battery measures 7.13 inches between its widest points. The Exide GC 135 measures 11.43 inches from its base to the top of its terminals.

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