Information on Ford 3000 Tractors

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The Ford 3000 agricultural tractor was produced yearly for the 10 years between 1965 and 1975. Ford discontinued the model in 1975, replacing it with the model 3600 agricultural tractor.


Ford 3000 tractor models were fitted with one of two possible engines. The first available engine option is a gas-powered, three-cylinder engine with a 158 cubic-inch displacement and 4.20-by-3.80-inch bore and stroke. The other engine option is a three-cylinder engine that offers a 175 cubic-inch displacement and 4.20-by-4.20-inch bore and stroke. This engine runs on diesel fuel.

Weight and Dimensions

This model tractor has a 4,185-lb. operating weight. It measures 127 inches long and 64 inches wide. Its height to the top of the hood is 54 inches and 58 inches to the top of the steering wheel. Wheelbase on these agricultural tractors is 75.8 inches.

Other Specifications

This two-wheel drive tractor featured a 13-gallon fuel capacity. The hydraulic system linked in with this tractor offers 2,500-psi pressure output and can pump fluid at a 5-gallon-per-minute rate. The 3000 model employs mechanical expanding shoe brakes and offers power-assisted steering.


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