How to Input Delta X on a Ti-84

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Setting the Ti-84 Plus graphing calculator's delta X setting lets you specify the distance between pixels in graphing mode. The calculator automatically sets a value for delta X from the "X-min" and "X-max" values. A common reason to change the setting is when the "ZFrac ZOOM" settings have set delta X to a fractional value and you want to use an integer value instead. Select delta X from the calculator's VARS menu and then input a numerical value to change it.

    Press the ​VARS​ button in the upper-right corner of the calculator.

    Select ​1 Window​ from the X/Y secondary menu. Scroll down and select delta X with the triangle symbol.

    Enter a numerical value for delta X and press the ​Enter​ button. The built-in formula for delta X is "(Xmax - Xmin)/94." This defines the distance on a graph between the center of two adjacent pixels. The value of "Xmax" will change when you define a value for delta X.

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