How to Insert an Absolute Value in a Scientific Calculator

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The absolute value of a number is a positive representation of the number. So if you have a negative number, you need to eliminate the negative sign from the value. If you have a positive number, you do not need to make any changes because the number is already in its absolute value. This makes entering the number into a calculator easy if you first write out the number and then put it in absolute form before entering it on a calculator.

    Find the number you want to enter in your calculator. For example, -40. Remember, if the number is positive, you just need to enter the number into your calculator.

    Drop the negative sign from the negative number to find its absolute value. In the example, -40 becomes 40.

    Type the number into the calculator. In the example, you would just type "4" and then "0" to enter the absolute value on the calculator.


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