Instructions for a Rolling Stones Rock Tumbler

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A rock tumbler is an iconic toy for any child or geology lover. You can turn rough, broken rocks into smooth, polished stones with a Rolling Stones rock tumbler. In a few short weeks you can create beautiful gemstones that you can keep or use to create jewelry and other products. A Rolling Stones rock tumbler is easy to use and it is educational for a curious child or student. The Rolling Stones rock tumbler comes with everything you need to begin tumbling rocks.

    Rinse your bag of rocks and put them in the rock tumbler barrel. Add water and the pouch of abrasive that is marked “Step 1.” Use vegetable oil and Vaseline to seal the barrel.

    Attach the barrel to the machine, plug it in and turn it on. Let it tumble for two to four days.

    Rinse the abrasive grit out of the barrel. Leave the rocks in the barrel.

    Add water and the pouch of grit marked “Step 2.” Turn the machine on and let it tumble for 12 to 14 days.

    Rinse the grit out of the barrel again. Leave the rocks in the barrel.

    Add water and the pouch of fine grit marked “Step 3.” Turn the machine on one last time and let it tumble for seven to eight days.

    Rinse the barrel and rocks clean. You will then have smooth, polished rocks.


    • Place the machine somewhere isolated, like a basement, as it can be loud.


    • Do not rinse the abrasive grit down the drain, as it may clog.


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