Interactive Polynomial Games

A strong understanding of polynomials is an essential part of mastering algebra.
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Polynomials are mathematical expressions constructed out of variables and constants. Polynomials can only use addition, subtraction and multiplication in their terms. Polynomial expressions are typically first encountered during elementary algebra courses, although they are applied in mathematical, scientific and economic fields.

Rags to Riches

This polynomial learning game is based on the format of the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire game show. In each round, players are given a multiple choice question about factoring polynomial expressions. Players are provided with three hints, each of which will eliminate one or two of the multiple choice answers. Players compete in 12 rounds of increasing difficulty, in the hope of winning a (fake) million dollars.

Polynomial Jeopardy

Polynomial Jeopardy is a second game show-based polynomial learning title. In Polynomial Jeopardy, players practice adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials. Gamers familiar with the Jeopardy format will recognize Polynomial Jeopardy's gameplay: there is an array of categories and "clues" of increasing difficulty. The game supports both one-player and two-player gameplay.

Coolmath Polynomial Games

Coolmath's website provides a multitude of polynomial games for practicing particular operations. Available games include exponent rule practice, using the FOIL method, prime number factorization and practicing the difference of two squares. Each game generates random problems, meaning that they'll give you as much practice as you could possibly want.

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