Interesting Animals & Plants in Bolivia

Interesting Animals & Plants in Bolivia
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Bolivia is home to a vast array of unique and interesting plants and animals. It has grasslands, wetlands and rain forests that house endemic species, or those that cannot be found elsewhere, as well as animals that are neat to observe.


The jabiru is a large stork with a white body, black head and neck, and a tell-tale red spot. It has a wingspan of 9 feet and is one of the more interesting woodland birds in Bolivia.

Bolivian River Dolphin

The Bolivian River Dolphin is a freshwater dolphin that is found in Bolivia’s rain forests. It is closely related to the Amazon River Dolphin.

Broad-Headed Fly

The Broad-headed Fly is one of the most interesting creatures in Bolivia. It is extremely rare, and different from other flies and insects that it takes up its own taxonomical family, the Eurychoromyidae.


Bolivia has many beautiful species of orchids that can be found in its rain forests. Because of the unique conditions of rain forests in general, many orchid species are only found in Bolivia.


While the Bolivian rain forests are home to many interesting plants, some can also be found in the mountains or arid parts of the country. Bolivia is home to many cactus species that grow well here.

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