Inventor of the Nail Gun

The Spruce Goose was the largest airplane ever built. It flew only once.
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Nail guns are commonplace at many construction sites. These tools blast nails into the intended surface one after another, a speedier and more efficient process than doing it by hand with a hammer. The nail gun was invented by an astronautical engineer named Morris S. Pynoos during the construction of Howard Hughes’ famed aircraft The Spruce Goose, the largest airplane ever constructed.

Morris S. Pynoos

Pynoos invented the nail gun, but he did much more than that throughout his career. A civil engineer by training, he also built the historic One Wilshire building and other edifices in Los Angeles, constructed custom homes designed by premier architects, was a prominent philanthropist and conceived the first corporate carpooling plan in the city to ease congestion. He died in 2002 at the age of 84.

The Nail Gun

Pynoos invented the nail gun specifically to help build Hughes’ massive plane. The gun was used to nail together the wooden fuselage. After that, the fuselage was glued together and the nails were removed.

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