John Deere 4400 Combine Specs

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The John Deere 4400 combine represents an example of a classic agriculture machine that lives on more than 30 years after its manufacture. John Deere, a worldwide presence in farm equipment, built a combine from 1970 to 1979 that provided features and specifications that remain desirable. Combines changed the way crops are harvested and the 4400 was a part of that change.


The combine's 100 horsepower comes from a 359 diesel engine manufactured by Deere. It has a variable-belt transmission and six cylinders with a cylinder/rotor dimension of 22 inches wide by 38 inches diameter.


The 4400 comes equipped with a Straw Walker type of separator, a device that separates the grain from non-grain materials. The grain tank has a capacity of 90 bushels. The header, or device for corn that strips the stalk and leaf away from the ear, measures 13 feet by 20 feet and cover four to five rows. It's listed as a corn/bean header. Other headers are available for small grains, with each header designed for a certain crop.


The John Deere's weight of 9,854 lbs. rests on front tires 23.1 inches by 26 inches and rear tires 11 inches by 16 inches.


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