Kindergarten Games for Identifying Numbers 1-20

Help students learn the importance of counting in everyday life.
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Counting is easy with fun games for kindergartners. Teach your kindergarten students how to identify numbers 1 through 20 in ways that are both challenging and exciting for them. Encourage students to memorize numbers through various games and learning techniques that will help them as important stepping stones for more advanced math skills.

Daily Tasks

Teach children number identification through daily tasks. Every time you have to make a phone call, have your kindergarten student dial for you. Hand her the phone and read the number aloud to her. Point to each number you want her to touch. Make number recognition a part of everyday activities. Point out house numbers when you drive down the street or count aloud the number of items you see, such as dogs in the park or blue cars on the road.

Interactive Games

Many online websites offer flash games to help kindergarten students increase memorization for numbers 1 to 20. Play a connect the dots game for numbers 1 to 20 with your child. The game will teach your kindergarten student how to identify numbers as well as which numbers come after each other. Play a number game on with your child. He will learn how to identify which number goes with the word for that number.


Print out learning resources online to help kindergarten students learn how to identify numbers 1 to 20. offers various number and pre-math worksheets, including recognizing numbers, counting and coloring 1 through 10, and coloring and writing the numbers 1 through 20 printables. Practicing with various printable activities will help kindergarten students identify numbers more easily.


Help kindergarten students identify numbers 1 through 20 with flashcards. Turn flashcard creation into a fun craft by using markers and colored pencils with your kindergartners to draw the number symbol on one side of the card and its corresponding word on the other. Hold up one side of the card, for example, the word "Four," and have students read it to you. If they have trouble, flip over the card and see if they can identify the numerical equivalent. Run through the flashcards multiple times until children feel comfortable with their understanding of the numbers and words.

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