How to Learn Geometry Online

Learning geometry online can be both entertaining and useful.
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Geometry online resources cover a wide range of topics useful for homeschool students in middle school and high school, as well as high school and college students who just need a little extra math help. Geometry sites offer background information in the subject and lessons on a range of topics. Look for resources that offer lessons and explanations, practice problems and quizzes, and supplement the lessons with additional resources that make geometry learning interesting and fun. Geometry online resources offer opportunities to experiment with graphing online, and can be especially appealing for students interested in art, architecture or engineering.

Strategies for Learning Geometry

    Determine the level of geometry in which you need math help and practice. Because geometry can be studied at the middle school, high school or college level, resources for geometry online cover a wide range of levels. Homeschool resources are best for targeting middle and high school geometry, while sites published by college math departments are useful for college students seeking additional math help, as well as high school students who are working ahead in mathematics.

    Choose an online dictionary of geometry terms to familiarize yourself with a wide range of new topics and to use as a resource while working through lessons in geometry online (see first link in Resources section below).

    Explore the unique history and uses of geometry online. Geometry has a rich and interesting historical background that may interest even students who have always hated math. Use online math help resources to learn about the special topics found in geometry and practice solving problems that approach math from a new perspective (see second link in Resources section).

    Use homeschool and supplemental resources to download geometry worksheets, get live help by chatting with a tutor, and to get instant feedback with online quizzes and graded practice problems.

Topics in Geometry

    Learn about plane geometry, also known as Euclidean geometry, for an introduction to the plotting of mathematical spaces on a graph. Plane geometry also includes the introduction of mathematical proofs, in which students learn to systematically illustrate the logic behind math concepts. Find sites that offer step-by-step explanations of proofs, as well as plenty of practice writing your own proofs.

    Get geometry lessons in conic sections and circles. Conic sections include a number of introductory geometry concepts like ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas. Look for math help resources that teach you to distinguish between the shapes made by different formula types and practice plotting your own shapes on a coordinate plane.

    Learn about triangles and polygons with geometry online resources. Geometry includes a number of important triangle rules, so look for geometry worksheets and activities that help you understand, as well as remember, the rules for solving math problems using triangles and other polygons.

    Cover topics in applied or practical geometry, in which you use geometry to solve real problems in construction or engineering (see third link in Resources section). Also explore the use of symmetry and tessellations in artwork, and use these geometry concepts to create your own artwork based on mathematical principles.

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