Life Span of Brown House Moths

Brown house moths are pests.
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The brown house moth, hofmannophila psuedospretella, is one of the most common moths found in homes worldwide throughout the year. These moths are widely considered as pests, due to their destruction of clothing in the home.

Physical Characteristics

The adult brown house moth has golden bronze wings flecked with black. The wings are folded flat along the back. The brown house moth is between 8mm and 14 mm long.

The larvae is white, with a tan head and is about 6 mm long.


The adult brown house moth is harmless as only the larvae feeds. The larvae can cause significant damage in the home. Clothing and other textiles, such as wool and fur, are at risk. Brown house moth larvae have also been known to damage leather bindings and books.

Life Span

The life span of the brown house moth is extremely variable. Variations in temperature can affect the life cycle of the moth. Most females lay between 500 to 600 eggs. The incubation periods typically lasts eight to 110 days and the larval stage can last up to 145 days. The complete life cycle of the brown house moth usually lasts from 11 to 13 months.

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