Lima Bean Science Projects

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Growing a plant from seed is a measurable science project, and lima beans are an efficient seed choice. Lima beans sprout easily and grow quickly, making them a popular choice for science experiments with time constraints. There are lima bean science projects that will help students learn about plant growth, soil and climate.

Planted or Wrapped?

A simple lima bean science project involves asking how beans will grow more effectively: planted in soil or wrapped in a damp paper towel? Students can each plant two lima beans in cups of soil. They can place two more lima beans on a damp paper towel, which they will wrap around the beans and seal in a plastic bag. Place both types of planted beans in a sunny spot, and water as needed. Make a chart to track the progress of each and see which one grows fastest.

Soaked or Dry?

Some seeds germinate better when they are soaked first. Do lima beans grow better when they are placed directly into the soil, or when they are soaked first? Soak lima beans overnight. The next day, plant the soaked lima beans. Then plant dry beans. Chart which beans grow faster. Discuss whether the results would be true for all beans and seeds.

Do Earthworms Help Lima Beans Grow?

Plant lima beans in two flower pots. Place soil and beans in one pot. Put earthworms in the other pot, along with the soil and beans. Chart which beans grow faster. Discuss why it happens and what effect earthworms have on soil and seeds.

Light, Water and Soil

Plants supposedly need light, water and soil to grow. Conduct an experiment to find out if that's true. Put two lima beans in a cup and give it water and light, but no soil. Plant two lima beans in a cup of soil and give it water, but place it in a dark area with no light. Plant two lima beans in a cup of soil and give it light, but no water. And plant two lima beans in a cup with soil, and give it light and water. Chart your findings. Can a bean grow without water? Without soil? Without light? Which beans do best?

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