List of Plants That Live in the Water

The water lily is an example of a plant that grows in the water.
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While most plant grow on land, many others can grow in the water. Some of these plants produce colorful flowers, while others simply produce foliage. Aquatic plants can be placed in your pond or other water feature in your yard for added decoration. Most require full sun, but some will survive in partial shade.

Amazon Lily

The Amazon lily is a very large flower that can be planted n a large pond or water feature. This plant produces fragrant, 4-inch tall white flowers that fade to pink. Its leaves can grow to six feet across. Place your Amazon lily where it will receive full sun and where it has plenty of room to spread, as the plant can grow up to 20 feet wide.


Lotus flowers are widely grown in Asian countries, but can be grown in the United States as well. Lotus plants can become quite large, with leaves and flowers that grow on the surface of the water and can be 2 to 6 feet wide. The flowers are fragrant and large, with layers of petals. They come in colors, such as white and pink. Lotus plants are hardy and can survive the winter dormant in a pond. In the spring, they will begin blooming again. These plants prefer full sun.


Cattails grow wild along the shallow waters of many ponds, lakes and rivers. They provide food and shelter for small birds and insects. This plant derives its name from the fuzzy, brown, foot-long cylindrical heads on the ends of its stems, which can grow up to 9 feet tall. They prefer full sun and will spread quickly.

Water Hyacinth

The water hyacinth can be grown in full or partial shade, so it's a good option if your pond or water feature is shaded during part of the day. It can grow to about 6 inches tall and and has masses of brightly-colored green leaves. In the springtime, the water hyacinth produces pale lavender flowers that only last one day. Thin your water hyacinth plants every year to stimulate growth.

Water Lily

Water lilies come in a variety of flowers, depending on which variety you choose. Some are pale shades of cream, yellow and peach, while others are vibrant orange, pink or blue. Water lilies bloom in the morning and close their blooms in the late afternoon. Some varieties bloom at night and close in the morning. These plants can spread from 3 to 12 feet wide and should be planted in full sun.

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