Lists of Things to Find in a Nature Scavenger Hunt for Teens

Lists of Things to Find in a Nature Scavenger Hunt for Teens
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If you are at summer camp or on a classroom field trip, organizing a nature scavenger hunt is a great way to get teenagers interested in nature. Before beginning the scavenger hunt, give each team a flashlight and a camera. Many of the items on the list may be difficult to see or capture.

Animals and Birds

Animals and birds you can include in the nature scavenger hunt list are a squirrel, turtle, blue bird, frog, toad, cardinal, robin, duck or goose. You may wish to include seasonal or animals and birds relevant to your area.


There are several types of bugs and insects that can be placed on your nature scavenger hunt list. Consider including a beetle, ladybug, grasshopper, butterfly, spider, ant or anthill, caterpillar, dragonfly, mosquito, worm and a snail.

Plants and Trees

Plants and trees may significantly differ according to the area and season you are performing the scavenger hunt. In most climates, you can include a fern, clover, pine tree, mulberry bush, elm tree, flowers, leaves, bark from a dead tree, mushroom, pine cone, pine needles, oak tree, acorn, grass, weeds and moss. If you are performing the scavenger hunt in spring or summer, include a prickly seed or pod, a round seed or pod and a long seed or pod.

Nature Items

The list of possible nature items can be extensive, according to the area. Common items to include are a nest in a tree, creek, boat on a river, rock you can stand on, rock you can hold in your hand, a hole in a tree, a hole in the ground, animal tracks, sand, shells, driftwood, and feathers.

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