Who Lives in the Tundra?

Who Lives in the Tundra?
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Tundras are one of the coldest, harshest biomes on the Earth. The average temperature is 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Tundras are located on tops of mountains where cold, rainy climates exist. There are many groups of people who live on these tundras still today.


Inuit, also know as Eskimos live in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. They are the largest group of people who reside in tundras. They live along the coast and hunt caribou, seal, whales and fish. They speak Inuktitut which includes seven different dialects. They make and dress in traditional clothing made primarily of caribou skins and fur.


Innu are the Native Algonquin Indian people of Nitassinan. They reside in the northern Labrador and Quebec tundra regions. They were avid hunters and experts in making skin clothing, wooden utensils and stone tools. In the 1950's, settlers began trapping in the Innu territory which caused for the decrease in caribou and this lead to starvation for many Innu. The people relied on government assistance to get them through these difficult times which led them to more restrictions. They began land claim negotiations to try and win back the hunting grounds they once called home.


The Yakut people live in Siberia tundras. They spend their days fishing, which is the primary economic activity, and hunting which they do primarily for the furs. They change locations twice a year with winter hunting camps and summer hunting camps. Their diet consists of dairy, fish, vegetables and meat. They are also known as excellent herders of horses and cattle.

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