Magic Science Tricks for Kids

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Magic science tricks are a great way to teach children to learn science. Children can learn how molecules work or why chemicals react differently when mixed just by using simple tools and ingredients from around the home. Kids can share these magic tricks with family and friends. This will help reinforce what they have learned, while teaching others about science.

Magic Toothpick Science Trick

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Test the surface tension of water by using toothpicks, a clean tin foil pie pan, and dish soap. Gather a total of six toothpicks and dip one into liquid dish soap. Place the soapy toothpick aside to dry. This soapy toothpick will serve as the magic toothpick for the trick. Fill the tin foil pie pan halfway with water and create a pentagon shape inside of the water using the five remaining toothpicks. Once created, dip the magic toothpick into the center of the pentagon shape and watch while the shape breaks apart and disperses. This magic science trick works because the soap creates molecules that expand and break apart the surface of the water molecules that hold the toothpicks together.

Magic Coin Science Trick

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The magic coin science trick teaches kids how air pressure reacts when it's heated. Dip a quarter and the neck of a glass soda bottle into a bowl of cold water. Allow them to sit for five minutes. Take them out and place the bottle right side up. Put the coin over the opening of the bottle, then cover the bottle with both hands for 15 seconds. Remove your hands and watch the coin pop up. The coin jumps because the hands create heat inside of the bottle, which causes the air inside to expand and create pressure. Once enough pressure is created, it slowly releases the hot air through the top of the bottle, causing the coin to move.

Magic Cotton String Science Trick

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The magic cotton string science trick teaches kids how to lift an ice cube using a cotton string and table salt. Place the ice cube on a flat surface and lay the cotton string over it. Once placed, sprinkle less than 1/2 teaspoon of salt on the ice cube and wait one to two minutes. Grab both sides of the string and gently lift the cube. Like magic, the thin cotton string will lift the heavy ice cube. This science magic trick works because the salt melts the surface of the ice cube, which allows the string to sink in. The ice cube then begins to re-freeze as the temperature drops, thus trapping the string inside of the ice.


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