How to Make a 3D Food Web Model

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In your biology classes, you will work with food chains describing organisms' ecological relationships to one other. Food chains illustrate predator-prey relationships and the objects on which organisms feed. There is no better way to understand food chains than to make your own food chain. If you are instructed to create a three-dimensional one for class, you should take the opportunity to learn about food chains while being creative.

    Assemble the 3D props needed for your food chain. For example, make a food chain of relationships between a hawk, a mouse and grass. Obtain a stuffed hawk, a stuffed mouse and either plastic grass or real grass contained in a plastic bag.

    Use pipe cleaners to link the mouse to the grass physically, since mice feed on grass.

    Use pipe cleaners to link the hawk to the mouse, as hawks feed on mice. Use pipe cleaners to link the hawk to the grass, as well, since hawks also eat grass.

    Present your model to your classmates. Explain all of the various links to the students.


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