How to Make a 3D Hexagon

Three-dimensional shapes are comprised of plane figure faces.
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Geometry often includes the study of two different categories of shapes; plane shapes and solid shapes. Solid shapes have three-dimensions, while plane shapes only have two dimensions. Hexagons fall into the category of plane two-dimensional shapes. They only have length and width. However by creating a hexagonal prism, you can make your hexagon protrude from a surface and appear three-dimensional by adding height to its properties.

    Use six toothpicks to create a plane figure two-dimensional hexagon. Connect the toothpicks together by inserting a gumdrop between all adjacent sides. You will use six gumdrops as connectors.

    Create a duplicate hexagon; using six more toothpicks and six additional gumdrops.

    Lay one of the hexagons flat on a table and insert a toothpick vertically into each of the hexagon's six gumdrops. Each gumdrop should have a toothpick sticking straight up out of it.

    Press the second hexagon on top of the vertical toothpicks so that the two hexagons match in position and the gumdrops and vertical toothpicks are aligned. Pierce each of the top hexagon's gumdrops with the vertical toothpicks; so that the two shapes are now connected.

    Set the three-dimensional hexagon straight-up, or on its side.

    Things You'll Need

    • 18 toothpicks
    • 12 gumdrops

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