How to Make Bromine & Chlorine Water

How to make chlorine and bromine solutions
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Bromine and chlorine water are both used for swimming pools. These chemicals come in liquid, powder and tablet forms. Bromine and chlorine work as powerful chemicals to disinfect water. Experiments in chemistry and physics also use these chemicals to understand reactions.

How to Make Bromine Water

    Pour the 1.1 g sodium bromine into the 10.7 sodium hypochlorite.

    Add the 7.6 ml hydrochloric acid and pour them into a glass bottle filled with 32 ml of water. Make sure the bottle has a secure, screw on top.

    Store in a bottle with a tightly sealed lid.

How to Make Chlorine Water

    Mix household bleach which is about 3.5 percent chlorine concentrate as one part per six parts of water. This depends on the volume of water you are using.

    Make a .50 solution of chlorine using powder bleach (35 percent hypochlorite solution) by dissolving 14 grams of powder per 1 liter of water.

    Use chlorine tablets if you have them. Depending on the brand, you will have to dissolve the tablet measuring the water by following the instructions that came with the tablets.

    Things You'll Need

    • bleach
    • distilled water
    • sodium bromide
    • 1 M Hydrochloric acid
    • 2 glass bottles

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