How to Make a Buzz Wire Game

A 9-volt battery powers the buzz wire game.
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Making your own buzz wire game combines basic electronics with a functional and entertaining game of skill using materials easily obtained from a hobby shop. The game uses a simple electric circuit with a buzzer, and is safely powered by a battery. It’s easy to make, but hard to play without sounding the buzzer.

    Bend the 30-inch piece of bare copper wire into a series of loose loops, similar to a large, stretched spring, or other curved shapes. Do not bend the wire into any sharp angles.

    Create a small loop on one end of a 10-inch piece of wire. The loop should be large enough to move around the curly wire without touching it, but small enough to require some skill. Twist the end of the loop around the wire to secure it.

    Punch a small hole with the nail on the top of the shoebox lid at each end. Thread each end of the curly wire into one of the holes, from the top of the lid to the back of the lid. Bend one of the curly wire ends to the side on the back of the lid, and tape it in place.

    Connect the remaining end of the curly wire to the second 10-inch wire. Twist together the ends of the curly wire and 10-inch wire two or three times, and use tape to hold the connection in place on the back side of the lid.

    Connect the remaining end of the second 10-inch wire to a terminal on the buzzer. Connect one end of the third 10-inch wire to the remaining buzzer terminal, and the other end to a battery holder terminal.

    Connect the looped wire to the second battery holder terminal. Keep your hand steady while you move the loop from one end of the curly wire to the other, without touching the curly wire. The buzzer will sound if you touch the loop to the curly wire. For a more challenging game, make more loops or twists or increase the length of the bare copper wire.

    Things You'll Need

    • 12 VDC Piezo electric buzzer
    • 9-volt battery in a plastic battery holder
    • 30-inch piece of bare copper bell wire
    • 3, 10-inch pieces of #22 insulated copper bell wire with the ends stripped
    • Cardboard shoebox lid
    • Nail
    • Masking tape


    • Never connect the game to household (main) current. Dispose of spent batteries according to local regulations.

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