How to Make a Cell Model of an Amoeba

A glove is easily used to resemble and amoeba.
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A cell model of an amoeba is a representation of the one-celled organism which has the most basic cell structure of any living being. The amoeba has been studied by science students to understand how multicelled organisms, such as humans, live, operate and reproduce. Recreating a model of this organism helps students not only understand the structure of a cell but demonstrate their knowledge in a tangible, visual manner.

    Place the marbles and one ping pong ball in the glove. Don't worry about the marbles falling into the fingers; this problem will be fixed as the glove is filled with other ingredients. The amount of marbles is between 10 and 20 per glove.

    Fill the glove with water slowly until each finger is full and the water reaches halfway up the palm. Move the marbles out of the fingers to make sure the water reaches the whole glove. This step is important because the marbles will need to be free flowing for the model to work properly.

    Tie the opening to the glove with a rubber band. The rubber band cannot be too large or the glove will leak. Finish off the opening with superglue and allow the glue to dry before allowing the water to touch the opening. The superglue will be inserted around the edges of the opening and the opening will be squeezed together.

    Label the parts of the glove on a separate piece of paper. The ping pong ball is the nucleus, the glove is the cell membrane, the marbles are the organelles and the water is the cytoplasm.

    Things You'll Need

    • Glove
    • Water
    • Ping pong balls
    • Marbles

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