How to Make Containers for an Egg Drop Experiment

How to Make Containers for an Egg Drop Experiment
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The egg drop experiment is one of the most common ways to teach students about the rules of gravity and force. The assignment is to design a container to keep an egg from breaking when the container is dropped from various heights. There are a few different approaches you can take to this project.

Cardboard Box

    Tape around the seams of the box. Fold the box flaps along the bottom and tape along those seams to seal the base of the box.

    Blow the balloons to 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Pack as many balloons as you can into the box. Tape the balloon stems to the sides and base of the box.

    Tape two to three more balloons onto the interior of the box lid. Place the egg onto the balloons. Close the box and tape gently along the seam between box and lid.

Plastic Egg

    Open the Easter egg. The egg needs to have a solid plastic back and a clear plastic front.

    Fill the bottom and top halves of the egg with tissue paper, napkins or cotton balls. Leave a small area unpacked in the center.

    Place the experiment egg inside the bottom half center of the plastic egg. Place the top half onto the bottom half. Snap the halves together

    Tape the egg seam. Tape the middle of the egg vertically.

Rubber Band Harness Inside Box

    Poke a hole with the nail in each of the corners on the base and sides of the box.

    Fold the fabric in half over the egg and poke a hole through each of its four corners.

    String a rubber band half way through each hole in the fabric, and pull the two ends of the rubber band through the corner hole. Place a nail between the rubber band loops to secure them. Repeat this at all eight corners, pulling tight on the rubber bands to hold the egg in place.

    Things You'll Need

    • 8-by-8-inch cardboard box
    • Balloons
    • Packaging tape
    • 3-inch plastic Easter egg, divided horizontally
    • Tissue
    • Cotton balls
    • Toilet paper
    • Eight rubber bands
    • Eight 2-inch nails
    • 4-inch-by 4-inch fabric

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