How to Make a Cursive F

There are two letters to learn when learning to write a cursive F. A student must learn both the uppercase and lowercase letters. Make a cursive F as part of a handwriting lesson plan and then practice to perfect the technique.

    Begin with the pencil at the upper line of the handwriting paper. Make a wavy line with the pencil.

    Place the pencil at the center point of the wavy line made in Step 1. Draw a line down to the base line with the pencil and swoop the line up to the left. End the swooped line at the dashed mid-line.

    Make a right angle at the dashed mid-line where you ended in Step 2. Draw a line to the right, crossing the vertical line and ending slightly on the other side of the vertical line. Turn the corner and continue the line down very slightly.

    Begin with the pencil at the base line. Make a curved line all the way from the base line to the top line with the pencil.

    Continue the line begun in Step 1 by drawing it straight down again to the baseline and continuing it below the baseline. Stop at the set of handwriting lines underneath.

    Swoop back up from the stopping point in Step 2 and continue the line back to the baseline to the starting point in Step 1.

    Make a tail extending out to the right and end it at the dashed mid line.

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