How to Make a Diorama of Planets

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One of the best ways to portray an event or situation is through a diorama, which is a miniature representation of a scene or environment. The solar system makes a good diorama subject. While this might seem difficult at first, following a few tips can make it relatively easy.

    Paint the inside of the empty shoe box black.

    Poke some small holes in the bottom (what will become the "back" of the diorama) of the box to give the effect of stars.

    Research the size of the planets, and form the planets and sun from the clay.

    Paint the planets and sun the correct colors.

    Tie string around each of the pins and stick the pins in the planets and the sun.

    Place the shoe box upright on its long side, and poke holes in the "top" of the box with the scissors.

    Run the string through the top of the diorama (the side of the box). Tie a knot in the string to attach it to the box.

    Attach the planets to the box in the correct order (sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) so they hang down roughly halfway between the top and bottom of the diorama.

    Label the planets and the sun accordingly. Using pins or paper clips, attach strips of paper or labels with the names of the planets to the clay balls.

    Paint the outside of the box or wrap it in such material as paper, cloth or plastic to give it a finished look.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paint of various colors
    • Large shoe box
    • String
    • Clay
    • Paper or labels
    • Pins or paper clips
    • Scissors


    • Dry the clay thoroughly and make sure it has hardened before attaching the planets and the sun to the box.

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