How to Make Dough Balls for Fishing

Try homemade dough balls to attract catfish.
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Many fishermen check out websites and videos for ideas about how to catch a whopper. Several sites mention using dough balls to catch catfish, carp and other fish. Unfortunately, some of them fall apart when you hook the fish -- if not then, they've already flown apart when you cast the line. This recipe may hold together and lure the fish.

    Prepare the canned biscuits as indicated on the package. Allow them to sit uncovered overnight.

    Tear the biscuits into small chunks. You can prepare all of them, or separate half into another bag to use later. Place the ones you want to prepare into a plastic bag.

    Drizzle the honey into the bag and seal it. Use your hands to toss the biscuit chunks around so the honey gets to all of them. Don't squeeze or knead the chunks, because they will crumble and you won't end up with dough balls.

    Add water and seal the bag halfway. Place the bag in the microwave for 30 seconds on high power. This will warm the bread and allow it to absorb the water and honey. Remove the bag from the microwave and open the bag completely. This releases the steam and excess moisture that would make your dough balls slimy and too thin.

    After the dough balls have cooled, seal the bag and place it in a cooler or tackle box to take on your fishing trip.

    Things You'll Need

    • canned biscuits
    • water
    • large zip-locking plastic bag
    • honey

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