How to Make an Egg Capsule Out of Straws

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You can make a sturdy egg capsule out of straws to protect a raw egg when it falls to a hard surface. Egg capsules are a popular science project that teaches lessons about physics and design. Most egg capsule projects are judged as competitions where the lightest capsule to keep the egg from cracking is the winner. Design and assemble your egg capsule to be structurally sound and show an inventive use of the bendable straws.

    Draw a 1-inch tall egg in the center of the blank or graph paper.

    Sketch a design for the egg capsule that includes a tight-fitting support system to keep the egg in place. A larger cage that has room to flex on impact can keep the egg from ever touching the ground. Simplify overcomplicated designs.

    Construct the tight-fitting support system around a hard boiled egg using bendable straws and clear adhesive tape. Cut straws to size with a pair of sharp scissors. You can give a straw added strength by pinching one end and sliding it into another straw.

    Build the larger outer cage by flexing the bendable straws to create rounded corners. Make strong bonds between straws by doubling up the clear adhesive tape.

    Remove the hard boiled egg and secure the inner capsule in the center of the outer cage with straws and clear adhesive tape. These connections act as shock absorbers to slow the egg's fall when the outer cage makes impact with the ground.

    Test you design by inserting a raw egg into the center capsule and dropping the entire thing from an upper level balcony or window. Carefully examine the egg capsule after each test to make structural and design improvements.

    Things You'll Need

    • 8 1/2 by 11-inch blank or graph paper
    • Hard-boiled egg
    • 24 bendable straws
    • Clear adhesive tape
    • Scissors
    • Raw eggs


    • Drag systems are an additional option to upgrade the performance of your egg capsule. You can fashion a simple parachute from a plastic shopping bag attached with dental floss. Draw a face and clothing on your raw egg with a permanent marker and give your egg and capsule fun names.

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