How to Make a Flag for a School Project

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Countries, states, organizations and clubs use flags as a representation of their identity. Creating one of the flags for a school project requires replicating the specific design. The design of the flag can tell a lot about a place’s history. For example, in the American flag, the red and white bars act as an exhibition of the first 13 colonies. When students research the flag for their project, they will learn about the flag itself and its development.

    Poster board usually comes in a rectangular shape.
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    Lay the ruler on the poster board and draw the shape of the flag on the non-shiny side. Rectangles, squares and triangles are commonly used shapes.

    To make a triangle, set the ruler at diagonal from one of the top corners and draw a line all the way down to the bottom of the poster board. Repeat with the corner parallel to the first. Trim off the excess poster board by cutting along the line.

    If you are making a square flag, measure out a square on the poster board with the ruler and draw it. All of the sides need to be the same length. For example, draw a square with sides that all equal 5 inches.

    To make a rectangle, either leave the poster board as it is, or trim its natural rectangular state. If the poster board isn't rectangular by default, draw one like you did the square, except that the parallel sides are the same length. For example, draw the top and bottom lines 4 inches and the side lines 3 inches.

Design and Assembly

    Use an image of the flag as a guide.
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    Draw the flag design on the non-shiny side of the poster board with the pencil and ruler. For example, if you were making a French flag, draw two vertical lines on a rectangular-shaped poster board to separate the board into thirds.

    Markers show brightly on the poster board.
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    Color in the design with markers. The ink in the markers stick to the non-shiny side of the poster board without smearing.

    Regular clear tape holds the rod into place securely.
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    Turn the flag over so the design faces down. Lay the dowel rod against the left vertical edge of the flag. Tear off six to 10 3-inch pieces of tape. Drape the tape over the dowel rod so the ends of the tape touches the poster board. Press the tape into place. Place another piece of tape one inch down from the first. Continue until you run out of poster board.

    Hang the flag or stick the dowel rod into the ground to display.


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