How to Make a Math Brochure

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Math is a very important subject as it is widely used in all aspects of one's life. Virtually all careers require math skills to an extent to be successful in the position. We also use it in everyday life, such as balancing our checkbooks or cooking. Learn how to create a math brochure to show students the importance of mathematical studies.

    Use Microsoft Publisher. You can use Microsoft Publisher to select a design template for your brochure. Enter information into the Personal Information wizard, which will automatically be incorporated into the brochure. Complete the rest of the brochure by entering information in the text areas and adding pictures.

    Use Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word also has a brochure template that can be used. The template provides guidelines on how to customize the brochure, manage spacings and breaks and adjust pictures. It even provides some pointers on what type of paper to print the brochure on and which icons to use.

    Design a brochure by hand. Fold a letter-sized paper into three sections. On the front page, draw the school logo at the top. In the center, draw an image related to match, such as an equation, numbers or a graph. Include a quotation or phrase about math and how it relates to everyday life. In the inner left and right folds, write information about the overall program and course descriptions. In the back of the brochure, write the school contact information.

    Things You'll Need

    • Computer
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Microsoft Word
    • Trifold letter-sized paper
    • Printer
    • Pen


    • Be sure to include information about what the mathematical studies program is and what students can expect to gain from it. Describe the course offerings and the concepts each course will cover, as well as who the instructors are and their areas of expertise and experience in the field.


    • Don't make the brochure appear too busy and clutter it with text and pictures.

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