How to Make a Model of Mars for 5th Grade

The tallest mountain on Mars is three times the size of Mount Everest.
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Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, in between Earth and Jupiter. Known as the red planet, Mars is named after the ancient Roman god of war. Of all the planets in the solar system, Mars has the highest mountains, deepest canyons and largest volcano. Having your students make their own model of Mars using papier-mache can help them better understand the geography of the Martian planet.

    Blow up balloons to 11 centimeters in diameter.

    Mix two parts glue with one part warm water in plastic container. Stir until well combined.

    Dip strips of newspaper into paste and apply to balloon, one strip at a time. Continue to apply strips until entire balloon is covered. Repeat this process two more times so that you have three layers of papier-mache around your balloon. Let the layers dry overnight.

    Pop the balloon with a needle.

    Paint the entire papier-mache globe red. Allow to dry.

    Add mountains, valleys and volcanoes to the Mars globe using different colored paints, such as black and brown. Use a map of Mars as a reference.

    Things You'll Need

    • Red balloons
    • White glue
    • Water
    • Plastic containers to mix glue
    • Strips of newspaper
    • Poster paint
    • Paintbrushes


    • Add string to the top of each Mars globe so that students can hang their globes.


    • Use extra newspaper on desks to help minimize clean up. Students should wear smocks to protect their clothing from glue and paint.

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