How to Make a Monkey Diorama

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Monkeys, such as a spider monkey or a howler monkey, generally live within a rainforest habitat. Students who study monkeys will learn what type of housing and food is provided for the monkeys within the rainforest. After the study is complete, teachers can assign a monkey diorama project for homework. A diorama must accurately depict a monkey habitat, but there are no restrictions on creativity.

    Lay an old shoebox on its side so that you are looking inside the box.

    Paint a river in the middle of the bottom of the box with blue paint. Cover either side next to the river with glue. Grate green floral foam over the glue to create the floor of the rainforest. The glue will dry clear, securing the green floral foam flakes in place.

    Glue fake trees on top of the green floral foam flakes until you form a forest. Some of the trees should be emergent (tall), while the other trees should be canopy trees (shorter, but more dense). Toss a few twigs on the ground and secure them in place with glue.

    Hang some plastic monkeys from the trees. If you do not have any plastic monkeys, you can make some from clay or use pictures from a magazine.

    Add other plastic animals that would also be living in the rainforest. These animals may include alligators, anacondas, tree frogs, cuckoo birds, toucans, iguanas, emerald tree boas and dragonflies.

    Hang or glue fake fruit from the trees. A monkey's main diet is made up of fruits and seeds. Coconuts, figs, star fruits, bananas and oranges are all fruits that can be found in a rainforest habitat.

    Things You'll Need

    • Shoebox
    • Paints
    • Paintbrush
    • Glue
    • Green floral foam
    • Fake trees
    • Twigs
    • Plastic monkeys
    • Plastic rainforest animals
    • Miniature plastic fruit or pictures of fruit


    • Mangoes, passion fruit and cashews are also found in rainforests.


    • Hot glue from a glue gun will work better than school glue. Younger children should not use the hot glue gun because of the risk of injury, however, they can have a parent help with this step.


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